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TezPatisserie is a delegation service that aims to offer a low 5% fee and help the community by giving back 95% of the reward to our delegators. We are located in France and offer our service worldwide to anyone that wants to delegate to us and earn their tezzies.
Tezos is a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) cryptocurrency, that means bakers (with a minimum of 10,000 XTZ) can create new blocks and earn rewards for it. Inflation is set to 5.5% on Tezos and if you don't bake you are losing on this interest and giving it up to others !
The aim is to have as many bakers as possible to be decentralized. Right now the distribution is quite centralized so we offer our service to help the community and decentralization. We also have one of the lowest fee available right now.
No, you will never lose any Tezos by delegating as the baker is responsible to pay for the bonds. You only give us the permission to bake for you.
You will receive 95% of the delegation reward as our fee is only 5%. You can copy your KT1 address in the search box above to find out your rewards for each cycle. Don't worry if you are not found as it takes few cycles after you delegate to show up. Also note that you cannot bake by yourself with less than 10,000 XTZ but if you delegate to us it is possible and you will earn rewards accordingly !
It first takes 7 cycles after you delegate to bake your first tezzies. It then takes 5 cycles for the network to unfreeze the baked rewards. So a total of 12 cycles, after that you will constantly receive payouts as long as you keep delegating. It is totally possible to pay you before that but it will lead to lack of bonds and most likely waste of rewards. We use an automated script to distribute the rewards to our delegators, it will run as soon as the rewards are unfrozen for a given cycle !


Drop us a message if you have any question or concern.